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Posted on 09-16-23, 06:43 pm

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The wallpaper in the bottom of the screen, where you can change wallpapers via the Blue Mushroom house, can you edit them or are they hardcoded?
Posted on 09-17-23, 10:15 am
Buzzy Beetle

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/uiStudio/d_2d_UI_O_1P_game_in_kabe01_d_nsc.bin (LZ-compressed)
/uiStudio/d_2d_UI_O_1P_game_in_kabe02_d_nsc.bin (LZ-compressed)
/uiStudio/d_2d_UI_O_1P_game_in_kabe03_d_nsc.bin (LZ-compressed)
/uiStudio/d_2d_UI_O_1P_game_in_kabe_sp1_d_nsc.bin (LZ-compressed)
/uiStudio/d_2d_UI_O_1P_game_in_kabe_sp2_d_nsc.bin (LZ-compressed)

Those are the files you should be looking for; don't forget to LZ-compress the .nsc files again after you done editing.
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