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banned by request, I guess

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How can I get a copy of this board software?
You can get the latest stable version at the ABXD Devboard. Keep in mind that you'll need some place to run it on, and that place must support PHP and MySQL. Having basic skills in PHP and MySQL database management can be very useful.

That board is dead, the GitHub repo is dead, and this part is pretty poorly written in any case. Perhaps a nod to Dirbaio's GitHub repository and rewording it to be related to finding any bugs/issues within the software, or wanting to see the internals of the codebase.

Your layout must work well in every major desktop browser and on every reasonable screen resolution.
Major browsers include Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. Popular screen resolutions range from 1024x768 to 1920x1200.

This really shows its age. ABXD was never even properly compatible with IE8 to begin with, which makes this statement even more amusing. Something like 'the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox' would suffice here, Safari is irrelevant outside iOS/MacOS, and everything else is either a fork of Chrome/Firefox now or is so irrelevant in market share that it can be ignored.

Don't register multiple accounts under any circumstances.
If you are banned, registering a new account will make things worse. Multiple accounts for manipulating polls, user karma, or other stuff is strictly prohibited as well.

There's absolutely no info on what to do if you've lost your password, which could go within its own section. Enough users here have lost passwords/access to their accounts and been forced to rereg because they for whatever reason couldn't contact the staff outside the board.

I'm new, where should I start?
The best place for newcomers to start is the New Members thread where you can introduce yourself to the board. If you have any questions not addressed by The Rules, feel free to ask them in the proper forum.

The thread isn't actually linked, nor is the 'website talk' forum.

Iif you link to external CSS files you can use the $theme variable in your post header to link in specific versions:

Simple typo.

We also use Google Analytics to collect statistics about visitors. These are anonymous and aren't used for evil purposes.

This code was removed around 2016. This should probably be removed. Other info regarding retaining of IPs for logging incidents and moderation purposes should probably be mentioned somewhere since some might feel concerned about this. (It's a question people asked me about with my derpboards, the first thing was 'does it store ip's').

A few things could also be included that aren't:
- Profile image size limits
- What mood avatars are and how they work
- A link to Sherry's post layout guide
- Using certain 'special' bbcode tags that are fairly specific to ABXD, like 'thread', 'user', 'forum', the special table tags and 'imgs'
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