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Posted on 07-17-23, 04:34 pm (rev. 3 by nr00t on 07-26-23, 04:58 am)
banned by request, I guess

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classicsharp, umbreon, win31 have image urls in their css files that point to the ABXD 2 style theme directories, somebody didn't clean it up properly.

halloween defines a nonexistent background. going by kawa's old ABXD 2 theme repo, it never had one to begin with, so this is probably just a mistake when the theme was being created.

silkyroom has a missing definition for 'textarea', which was seemingly accidentally removed between ABXD 2 and 3, it should be the same as the one for input. atm it's an unfittingly blinding-white text area which doesn't match the rest of the theme.

a bunch of themes have missing borders. (see 2nd post)

bstruct, asmut and glossy lag webkit-based browsers (not blink ones, however).

abxd30's select dropdown is white-on-white in Chrome. no idea about Firefox. I fixed this by not using a background for the dropdown selection options, dunno if that's ideal, but the CSS for specifying the options is actually there, it just doesn't get used properly in chrome based browsers.

unnamed looks really broken these days. I guess the 'lightcolours' mode was never finished, but also I don't remember it ever looking this bad, it used to look pretty passable and was mostly finished AFAIK.


also who deleted the words 'Points of Required Attention™' from the header?


more bughunting time.
- some bots (MegaIndex, BLEXBot, et al.) are appearing as guests because they're not defined in either loguser.php or browsers.php, forgot where it's written. tbh bombing away malicious ones would also be a good idea, stuff like weird scrapers and botnets spamming random links with sql injection attempts (they really like the F-Zero DS-X thread for some reason). ahrefsbot/dotbot/mj12bot/ are particularly notorious for seeping away bandwidth and don't even do anything for search engines, they're just shady SEO things...
- a bug in the html5 post parser prevents smileys with the character < in it from working
- does work contrary to popular belief. the URL for the image is just pointing to the wrong directory (img/avatars, rather than data/avatars) on that page. odd considering most of the page was updated for 3.0
- the footer has been out of date since late 2014 at least. even moreso given Nina is now Nadia and StapleButter's now Arisotura. could be changed to a generic copyright year, and well, the link could at least go to the github or something... (actually I noticed the branch for the '' source code was there all along, wonder how many people realised that)
- blogXD is error central, that explains why the homepage was disabled in the first place. thierry apparently tried enabling it ages ago and well, the results were just error spam to say the least.
- the browser detection doesn't detect Windows 8.1 or 10, nor does it detect either version of Edge, PaleMoon, or alot of other browsers. there's a lot of cruft in that code, dead browsers etc that noone is using anymore, that can safely be removed tbh.

I don't mind if this account gets banned I just happened to notice some stuff and felt like pointing it out, mostly from messing around with abxd over the years. I apologise if it's my fault the OG repo got nuked from github too :< (speaking of which, it seems like Arisotura's external avatar URL plugin, as well as Nadia's broken item shop plugin, are now both basically lost to time, as well as whatever stuff was on the devboard's uploader, such things are of interest to me mostly for nostalgia reasons lmfao... not trying to pin anyone down or undermine them though by dragging up stuff from 10-12 years ago though)

(tbh I'm probably like half the reason all that stuff just got blown into pieces because of the weird extremist shit I did, I get it, I need to fuck off and stay fucking off. eh probably a good thing i didnt go fully deep into soyjakker territory or whatever and was pushed out of there too though)

wtf why did all the contents of my post get deleted?
Posted on 07-17-23, 07:59 pm
I like goombas.

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So you didn’t just type posts that consist of only a dot

This text is centered!

I'm working on a rom hack with Digital Cheese, Rph, Mr. Ztardust and RetroAleXD. Go
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Cool website
Posted on 07-22-23, 06:52 pm, deleted by  Ndymario: If you’re not reading it, why are you replying
Posted on 07-22-23, 07:07 pm, deleted by  Ndymario: If you’re not reading it, why are you replying
Posted on 07-24-23, 05:39 am (rev. 2 by nr00t on 07-24-23, 05:55 am)
banned by request, I guess

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okay, I found out the problem with a lot of the themes that I mentioned 'looked weird'
quite a lot of them don't import the 'borders.css' file when they're supposed to.

fantasy, oldmetal, cycle, dailykp, firewave, mudkipz, neptune, panda, and zenburn were affected , probably others too. compare the the preview images with the forum index for further reference ^^ also most of Kiyoshi's themes should have "margin-bottom: 8px" on the "div#tabs button" selector, or something along those lines, to fix overlapping issues.

I would make a commit in the repo fixing all of the stuff I found, as well as attempt to look into the issues with the blogxd plugin (it was disabled for spewing php errors) but it's not really my thing to be doing and I doubt it would get pulled, purely on the basis of my history across these communities as a whole.

hopefully dirbaio sees this and fixes a lot of the issues. kinda wish he'd give staple or whoever server access once and for all, tho, or one of the other admins, since he seems busy with his company stuff these days.

oh yeah, could also implement the fancy-assed proxy protection used over on k64/kafuka/rvlution. perhaps do the funny method of lib/firewall.php and keep it out of the main code to stop idiots like me exploiting it
Posted on 07-26-23, 01:28 pm (rev. 4 by nr00t on 07-26-23, 01:34 pm)
banned by request, I guess

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welp I opened a PR

it's bound to just go ignored, though, like the last one, because of something like 'integrity of the contributions list' or some bollocks like that, most likely:

either way, shit's there now. also removing +1's is now a thing, as well as securing the internal search (which will make googling for questions alot easier). maybe it will get pulled in because its useful in that sense, or at the very least reattributed to some other user on the board so that my name doesn't make a total guilt-by-association mockery of the codebase in some way (which is probably what the develoeprs are fearing), but well, i only came here to report all this stuff anyway, sooooo

(also SEO bots are fucking irritating and take up half the bot list, they also tend to attract the likes of spambots since they sell their data to farms that then sell their shit to spammers, and do absolutely fuck all for the site other than waste bandwidth.)
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