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Posted on 06-18-23, 10:13 pm

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Yea, one of THOSE mods filled to the brim with MEMES. Including unfunny ones.

I kinda need a bit of help on this one, especially the fact that i wanna make it a CIA file too...

SOOO...If anyone can help, Just DM me: ryanlmao#9083
Posted on 06-21-23, 05:19 pm
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This text is centered!

I'm working on a rom hack with Digital Cheese, Rph, Mr. Ztardust and RetroAleXD. Go
here to download the work in progress patch, or go
here to contribute.

Cool website
Posted on 06-25-23, 11:46 pm
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Lol if I knew how to do NSMB2 modding I'd gladly do so. However I have no clue and I quit Discord anyways so I'd have to DM u here. Though this sounds pretty cool, I'd love to see it
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