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Posted on 05-16-23, 11:28 am (rev. 6 by alexqrpq on 05-16-23, 11:39 am)

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I remade the classic Mario and Luigi clothes from The Cartoons:

There not perfect but i'm fine with it. Keep in mind that the screenshots are from MelonDS with increased resolution. It wont look that good on the original DS.
To use them go to ROM File Browser => root => player
click on mario_model_LZ.bin/luigi_model_LZ.bin click on replace and choose the downloaded File
then you have to click LZ Compress and you're done.
Posted on 05-18-23, 11:35 pm
Fire Brother

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Nice job! Looks good!

I remember when I tried to change the textures of Mario sometime. I changed both the outfit and cap. But then while normal Mario looked fine, Fire Mario's textures in-game looked messed up for some reason. His head became completely pink.
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