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Posted on 10-21-22, 03:06 am

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Release ver.1.2.0 !!

・Download and Trailer - ダウンロード/トレイラー

・ISO/WBFS Builder powerd by wit (version1.0)

・How to use - 使い方
Use Riivolution for the actual Wii machine.
If you want to use an emulator, use the ISO/WBFS Builder above, which works by putting the ROM in the same hierarchy as the bat file.
エミュレーターを使用する場合は、上にあるISO/WBFS Builderを使用してください。ROMをbatファイルとその他フォルダがある階層に置くことで動作します.)

・Home Page

・Level previews

・Map previews

Let's Enjoy NewerSMTIShimane !
Posted on 12-24-22, 01:24 pm
Red Paragoomba
absolute trash

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this looks really interesting, but don't you think that the name might be slightly too long?

This text is centered!

Posted on 02-17-23, 02:30 pm

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I think too. So I'll name a short title of next mod^^
Posted on 02-17-23, 03:48 pm
Buster Beetle
something that resembles the blaze of a fire

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Looks dope man, keep up the good work!
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