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Posted on 08-27-22, 12:01 pm

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I wanted to make a bossfight in my hack, but just enabling the sprite set and putting Mega Goomba in does not work. What else do I need to do in order for the fight to work? Also, how do I make it so beating the boss ends the level and transports you to the next world? My hack is a remix of Super Mario Endless Earth, so if you know anything about that games code, do help!
Posted on 08-27-22, 06:25 pm
Goomba's run the world...

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Please use the search tool.
Bosses usually don't work in other worlds.
The Mega Goomba is an exception to this, however.
Try copying the boss arena from world 4 into whatever level your using.
You need to have the boss control sprite, the key spawn point in the right place, and a zone for mega goomba to work.
You also need to have back background set to boss room or the boss music will not play.

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Posted on 09-23-22, 09:12 am

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You are probably not going to see it but the only thing you need to do is use a boss controller (sprite type 39) and set it to megagoomba. Then place sprite 21 (mega goomba) and it should be working. To finish it you need a key location aswell, spritetype 129 and you can place that where you like.

goodluck if you read this
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