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Posted on 08-03-22, 12:30 am (rev. 6 by DHTheGreat123 on 08-03-22, 12:41 am)

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I was trying to use the newer wii "yoshi's island map" music in place of world 1's music, I got the files set up, everything named correctly, even Big Red in the updated romfs, Yet when loaded in-game, only the game sounds play! I use luma game patching to get my files onto the o3ds, usa standard version. everything loops and sounds right in citric composer. I have 2 channels, 1 track, just as the original w1 map has. does anybody have a clue what the issue is?

here are the Isabelle sound editor loop settings I have set
Posted on 08-04-22, 02:05 pm (rev. 2 by DHTheGreat123 on 08-04-22, 02:20 pm)

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haha so update, now the game just crashes when trying to load the song

Another update: got non-bbid songs working via
Posted on 08-15-22, 07:11 pm
Indeed it is, indeed it does

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Check the size of the music files and make sure they aren’t too large and also set the Citric Composer version to 2.1.0, you’ll find that field when you scroll down in the Project Info option (also be sure to fully expand the window to actually find the version field

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