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Posted on 08-01-22, 08:40 am (rev. 2 by Sad egg on 08-01-22, 11:21 am)

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When i go to enter a level my game freezes on the level intro part and i have tried it on every level and all of them do the same thing. Any ideas on how to fix it?

[Issue has been fixed]
Posted on 08-01-22, 07:11 pm (rev. 1 by Bobcat on 08-01-22, 07:12 pm)

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How did you fix it???
I literally have the same problem right now!
(I might never be answered since this was posted 3 years ago but still, its woth a shot)
Posted on 08-02-22, 07:52 am

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For me at least it wasn't an issue with rom but the emulator, if your using Desmume try turning off the dynamic recomplier in emulation settings.
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