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Super Mario Bros 3 Revamped, is a fan recreation of Super Mario Bros 3 inside NSMB2, it is actually a revival of a project I started way back in 2017 on Kuribo64.
And today, I present you the first released DEMO which includes modified graphics, levels, and music in world 1 (all levels in the first world including 1-Rainbow are modified). It is however, my first actual attempt on a NSMB2 hack, so PLEASE give me feedback about everything you did/did not like, so I can improve upon my mistakes.

  • All SMB3 Levels Remastered!
  • Music remixes from many other mario games
  • Hammer powerup (most likely will only happen after SMBnext releases).


    - (Music was taken from multiple different sources, which can be found in this video's description. here).
    - NSMB2 Hacking Discord (For answering many of my questions).
    -  TRS (For use of its ported NSLU tileset).
    - Astroclimber26 (Use of his levels as a base for this demo, they were edited to make them more... you know... complete).
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    I don't understand the tutorial.
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