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Posted on 12-03-21, 10:34 am

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Hey y'all! This is my first coming into the crowd so here's something I'm working on, and will be done soon.

Super Mario Apocalypse is a remake of a SM64 ROM Hack of the same name originally created by LouderMonkeyBoy, featuring a total of 100 brand new stars with revised visuals, custom assets, extras and many more!

The story so far:

In an alternate timeline, the Mushroom Kingdom has fallen in disaster after Mario was killed in action against Bowser. Eventually, Bowser has since ruled over the kingdom with no one able to stop his evil tyranny.

However, a stranded ghost has taken possession of Mario's lifeless body from his tomb. By learning from his mistakes, he is seeking revenge and tries to foil Bowser's evil plan with his new aide.

Will Mario be able to save the Mushroom Kingdom in time, or, fail once more?


The basis of this project was me loving the original hack and done a lot of speedruns (which I still own), and the premise is that it was affected not only by technical issues on end but also in the gameplay. The hack is in development since Summer 2019 and has encountered a lot of improvements and setbacks using multiple tools with a 100% complete progress (it was showcased in private livestreams/playtests) so I have quite the time to finish it before release.

Anyway, what can it not be a tease without the teaser?

....uh, y-yeah. Actually, the screenshots will be worth the attention to prevent the bigger spoils.

The ghost aka (Mario?) rising from the grave

A desolate homeland filled with fragments of war

In the breach of time, the only place to rebuild fate

Trespassing Bowser's territory

Nostalgic adventures alike yet soon to be seeked

Escape from jail and survive for freedom



Level Design: Mariocrash/LinCrash

Graphics: Mariocrash/LinCrash, SMWCentral

Tools: Pilzinsel64, Kaze Emanuar, Davideesk

ASM/Help: aglab2, GomeplayTV, scuttlebug_raiser, Pyro Jay, someone2639, ToasterKetchup

Music: EDark, sm64pie, mosky2000

Resources: SMWCentral, SM64 ROM Manager Dev Team

Playtesting: AndrewSM64, IcySkid, ssbm_astaroth, EDark, GomeplayTV, OctoSir

Special Help/General Advice: LouderMonkeyBoy

Special Thanks: SM64 ROM Manager Dev Team, SM64 Rom Hacks Discord Server, The Big C, and many more others

Misc. Thanks: SketchUcation, Blender Foundation, schibo, Rice, sackbot, MFGG, The Spriter's Resource, Nintendo, Rareware

Shoutouts: SimpleFlips, NathanielBandy


Oh yeah, since this is the said remake, I recommend playing the original hack first because there's things to compare over it before the release :^)

Posted on 12-03-21, 07:02 pm
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I heard good things about the original, so I'm excited for this. Supposedly it was around Star Revenge 2.5 in terms of difficulty, which is great. Very challenging for experienced players without going into extreme territory. Coming from you I'm also expecting something more visually polished than your average extreme hack, so this is gonna be good.
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Posted on 12-05-21, 01:54 am

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It's pretty much is what I intended, this remaster is in the style of SM64DS with a little spice thrown on it. Some of the stars that were tedious or cryptic in the original are now toned down a little and have checkpoints. The difficulty curve is there, as I ought to set players to the test for important achievements eventually.
Posted on 12-25-21, 02:46 am (rev. 1 by  Mariocrash on 12-25-21, 06:05 pm)

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SUPER MARIO APOCALYPSE IS RELEASED TODAY! Playable on N64 emulators! (console-compatible version coming soon; will have a .wad file to be supported on other systems)
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