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Posted on 10-04-21, 10:11 pm
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I feel like I am so extremely close to making a Larry Koopa playable mod for New Super Mario Bros, however...

I keep getting this weird issue with the bones every time I replace the model - I know that not a lot of people have luck replacing Mario and Luigi's bodies, so I'm not sure if anyone would be able to help me out on this, but if anyone can, does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

...well, what I might be doing wrong besides not actually exporting New Super Mario Bros DS Mario's model to get the skeleton because I don't remember how, so I decided to use the skeleton from Mario's body model from Super Mario 64 DS instead, lol, but this issue is so weird, and I don't think it's the issue with the fact I used bones from 64 DS because (I forgot how but) I exported Toad's actual bones from Mario Kart DS at one point in an attempt to fix this issue when doing the Larry Koopa MKDS mod, but it did the same thing as it is doing here, where for some reason, the model animates incredibly weirdly and I'm unsure what to do...
Posted on 12-21-21, 07:40 pm

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if you need to export marios bones you should use mkds course modifier
open the rom in the program then for marios body click [mario_model_LZ.bin]
then click export then bones then MA and save your file
then click animation then NSBMD and then small_model after that click export then bones then MA and save your file once again then you should have your bones but your gonna need maya which hopefully you have cause this is the only way i know how to save bones. and for marios head just do the same for marios body but click [mario_head_nocap_LZ.bin]
For without the cap and for the model with the cap [mario_head_cap_LZ.bin] and for the cap click [cap_model_LZ.bin] and repeat the steps for the last model but theres only one cap model in the NSBMD folder
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