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Posted on 03-26-21, 04:18 pm

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Can Somebody make Nsmb Editor for 3ds, probably a cia/3dsx? I'm just asking if it can be done.
Posted on 03-26-21, 07:44 pm
Red Goomba
When the

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Bruh, there's already a version for the DS, so why 3DS?
hmm what to say...
Posted on 03-27-21, 02:11 am
Indeed it is, indeed it does

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This would be near impossible, or just extremely difficult in general. There's also, to be fair, not really much of a point of having it as a 3DS application, as that would open up a whole other can of problems and concerns. Level/rom editors are meant for proper computers, and that's really the way it is.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Anew!
Posted on 03-27-21, 10:59 pm

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Ok, I understand now. I guess I should probably think befor posting a thread
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