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Posted on 07-25-20, 10:22 pm

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Very cool, looks amazing
very noice

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Posted on 12-03-20, 08:02 pm
Indeed it is, indeed it does

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Ok, a bit of news. So, as you all know, the hack hasn't gotten too much word regarding, well, progress lately. However, I'd like to point out how the hack's overhaul and development in general may have been paused for quite a long time, but, I've recently started progress again. Anyways, my main point is is the fact that I'm actually planning on adding World 2 to the overhaul demo, yaaaay

So yeah; most on the Discord would already know this, but still. World 2's theme is also getting re-done, and my current plans are something along the lines of a desert at night. It might delay the release by quite a bit, but it's a whole other world, what's not to like?

Sooo, yeah. Enjoy (if and when it comes out)!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Anew!
Posted on 01-16-21, 11:07 pm
Red Goomba
When the

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This looks very promising, I can't wait until the release, and good luck!
hmm what to say...
Posted on 10-26-21, 07:01 pm
Goomba's run the world...

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I love the aesthetic of the edited world maps

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