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Posted on 08-10-19, 02:46 pm (rev. 1 by FireLock49 on 08-10-19, 02:47 pm)

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For some reason, I can not open the program. When I first downloaded the program it worked just fine but the next day the program would not open, no error message, just the mouse cursor indicating that it was trying to load something but nothing loaded. I tried resetting my computer and I tried reinstalling it and nothing worked. Please Help.
Posted on 08-11-19, 12:10 am (rev. 1 by Ed_IT on 08-11-19, 08:21 am)
Red Goomba

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Use alt+tab to cycle through opened programs, sometimes nsmbe can open under other windows without appearing in the taskbar
Posted on 08-11-19, 12:16 pm
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put NSMBe into an entirely different folder, and open it. tell me if that does anything.
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