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Posted on 12-15-18, 01:01 am

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When i export my hack/level, it turns into a .nml . When i open it up into DESemume, it wont load and therefore unusable. A friend told me that a .nds file will work but i have no idea how to convert it into a .nds file or export my hack/level as an .nds. So, thats my question.
Posted on 12-15-18, 02:08 am
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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a .nml is a level. hence the extension name. you can't play a level from a game without the game.

go into the last NSMBe tab, and click export patch. said patch can be imported back the same way by somebody who also has NSMBe, along with a spare clean ROM to patch it on.
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