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Posted on 09-11-16, 12:45 am
Red Koopa
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The game is called Superfighters Deluxe.
This awesome 2D Multiplayer Action game with guns is a very cool game made by a game-making duo that's been making games since 2007.

The game's not on steam or anything YET the game's still in pre-alpha but it's awesome anyway!

If this sounds intriguing to you the download link is right here:

My Nickname on this game is DippyDaDewott With a clan tag.
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Please join that community it needs players!
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Will never finish a hack

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The name sounds like some shitty clash royale ripoff :p

Regardless, I'll check it out. Bored as shit, was waiting for some sort of activity on this board to participate in anyway.

Edit: Ok. Half the games I can't join, the other half I get kicked out of instantly due to insane amounts of ping. Sucks being in Australia sometimes.
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