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Step 1

First, build up your room with floating coins and any event-triggering sprite This time we'll use sprite 152, which could serve as an alternative to the POW block. This sprite must have a target ID with whatever n value (of course, remember that n ≠ 0 and that n ≤ 64). Easy, right?

Step 2

Now we have to place the sprite 197 with ‘Block type = Blue coin’, ‘Effect/action = Off/destroy first’, a trigger ID which obviously matches the value you chose in the previous step. These former two settings will prevent any shreds from appearing upon the activation of the sprite. Modify the height and weight of this sprite in a way so it covers all the coins. Use as many as needed and remember to tick the ‘Permanent’ checkbox (although it may not be necessary).

Step 3

Then, you have to put a sprite 192 over each coin and make them all have the same trigger ID value, which should match with the one used in the previous steps.

You're done!

Here the result:

Note: Be careful with the amount of coins you're going to use. The game may lag if too many falling coins are spawned.
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Excellent tutorial.

And extraordinary effect!
Simple, fast, and practical.

And thanks to share this sauce to community.

[] -P
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Banned for being a complete retard.

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Very good tip.

I was using a sprite #197 to blow-up the coin tile and then a #192 over the last to simulate an explosion. But your technique is much more efficient.

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