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Posted on 09-12-11, 05:05 am
Banned for being a complete idiot.

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Here's a thread where you guys can post interesting tileset data you find.
Here's some of mine:
99999999 - Does a lot of things. It's a block, a thing to climb on, a thing that hurts you, and probably many more.
77777777 - A coin collectable from the side, makes water fx when hit on top, then it accelerates you left sitting down as if it were a slope. I'm wondering which nibble controls the slope stuff, because I need that.
More to come...
Posted on 09-12-11, 03:18 pm

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All the behaviors are just combined. So I think, there is no need to write them here. Just search for a single behavior in Dirbaios List, or in the Tileset Editor itself. Then you will be able to combine them, by just combining the bytes of numbers.
Posted by Elmario
I'm wondering which nibble controls the slope stuff, because I need that.

AA 00 BB 00
AA = Number of the Slope (What direction of the slope; the rising of the slope)
BB = If it is a Normal Block, Upside down slope or a normal slope. (00 = normal; 20 = slope; 40 = upside down slope)
Posted on 09-12-11, 03:58 pm
Roy Koopa

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We already have such a thread, or I'm wrong? Was it on Jul?
But like NsmB_PrO said, you only have to combine different bytes to get a cool behavior. But you have to turn on your brain
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Posted on 09-12-11, 04:08 pm
Super Mario
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Instead of testing random tile behaviors, it would be waay more useful to see what bits of the behavior do what
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