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Posted on 07-17-16, 06:34 pm (rev. 10 by  Hiccup on 07-26-16, 11:04 am)

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Works in any level slot.

An 180° clockwise rotated copy of the room with only tileobjs should exist immediately to the right of the actual, non-rotated room.

Rotation is activated by flags 36-40 being switched on.

Undocumented bytes in the level header affect the rotating room mechanic in a big way, but I don't know the details. Maybe it just enables and disables the special functionality of the flags?

The room rotates clockwise 180° when it detects the flag is on. It rotates back into the initial position clockwise when it detects the flag is off. That appears to be unused behaviour or a side effect of how the code was written.

Zooming doesn't resize the tiles used in the "rotation animation", so using the zoom sprite or similar is not recommenced.

Rotation causes switches and switch-containing blocks to disappear. Boss switch not tested

I'll keep adding random observations, but I don't think I have the patience or knowledge to work out the header stuff.
Posted on 07-26-16, 04:41 am
Banned for being a complete retard.

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I think I already played something like your description in this level...
Posted on 07-26-16, 11:04 am

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Thanks. I've added the info I could glean from that level.
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