Which name is the best?
New super mario bros. Sorry, NOTHING
New super mario bros level pack 1
The generic levels
Mario's Cra-Z adventure
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Posted on 05-21-16, 09:05 pm (rev. 1 by  Fluorescent on 05-21-16, 09:07 pm)

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Posted by VGR
I started, like 3 months ago on this project without a name

3 months is still not a lot of time...

Also, you shouldnt give a prescise date, even if you know that you can finish it before the release...
The Legendary Sprite 326:
Posted on 06-15-16, 02:18 am (rev. 3 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:21 am)

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review by pinet

Because Nothing - "NSMB Sorry, Nothing":

Sorry for my acid opinion now. I played the "NSMB Sorry, Nothing" variant available for the community and, I need to say: Sorry.
Most implemented levels are simply re-editions of original levels.
This is not a bad thing, but some levels, did not notice any difference.
This hack, in my poor opinion, is far from entering the area of Hacks and should stay in this General NSMB area.

Red Switchs for sale!

One thing I noticed is this hack has a certain fixation by red switches. It is rare to the level that you do not find a flocking blessed red-switch! A tare edited in levels that seem paranoid. It reminds me of some levels of Skjmin.

You want a red switch? "Sorry, Nothing" can provide...

Mario Maker cut'n past ideas

I do not know, but I believe the author used as the basis of some footless and headless levels of Mario Maker.
The feeling is that "NSMB Sorry, Nothing" opened the Course World option and was pinching one another crazy level and transposon inside the ROM. A clue of this is to insert 4 Bowser Jrs in the same room. Although it is beautiful, it's not functional. In some flash-cards, the game simply crashed.

Four Bowser Jr.: Mario Maker idea? And... red switch again!

If you still want to take inside this venture, be prepared for a number of nontrivial things as: pathless views, excess enemies or meaningless re-editions.

This poor player who could not stand here comments and gave up play from the 3th world.
I do not know if it's me that's getting more demanding or hacks are getting less interesting, but This commentary is afraid to say that "NSMB Sorry, Nothing" would miss the goal for the little ones those want funny in Mario games.

The good side

The 6-1 level with a cascade event, and 8-1 with Thwomps. Never tired me.

Playing a little more after the first repulsive momment, the levels have some excelent ideas which can be exploited around other levels. If the author could process, join and clean this ideas, it's possible to make a very good hack. Maybe a 1-World mini-hack with a new level design, but not just re-edited.

For example, in 6-1, the cascade event sprite (268) surprise me because it's a good and funny idea. And in the 8-1, the classic queue of Thwomps like a starcaise never tired me.

My final perspective:

* Graphics:
* Difficulty:
* Entertainment:
* Quality:
* Sound:
* Gameplay:
* Final Media:

More Information:
? Where you find: Wiki Area - New Super Mario Bros.
? Related threads: Trash - We Quit

[] -P

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Posted on 06-15-16, 10:32 pm (rev. 1 by xKitten on 06-16-16, 12:24 am)
banned: childish fight with Super-toad 65

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Sorry, nothing! pretty much tells people this; your hack has nothing to offer.

and the level design doesn't make up for it at all, in fact the level design in quite bad

I agree with pinet. The final media is not good. (also, why the hell is this in the wiki)
It's time we take a stand.
Posted on 06-16-16, 09:42 am

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I think you shouldn't name your hack "New Super Mario Bros. Sorry, NOTHING", it winned the poll 'cause the peoople didn't like the other names, and these was the most shitty name. Seriously, you should think a name that you like (try to be original),but not a name that the people choose.
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