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Posted on 12-09-15, 05:18 am

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Anyone know how I can fetch the .mid file for this( I tried converting it using this ( but it still sounds somewhat imperfect.
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Try You can find lots of videogame music there.

EDIT: doesn't have that MIDI, but there are many other sites like this that may have it.
Posted on 12-09-15, 08:19 pm

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Here's the thing:
A mp3, or wav is a stream of audio.

A midi is the instructions for notes, like sheet music in real life.

You can convert a midi to a mp3, wav, or whatever, but you can't convert mp3 to midi because of how each format works.

If you want to get a mp3 file into a midi, then you will have to recreate if yourself, or find an arrangement that somebody else has made (just make sure to give credit to them!).
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Posted on 12-10-15, 07:26 pm

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Extra info: things like midis are called "sequences".
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