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Posted on 05-28-16, 08:42 am
Red Birdo
Once upon a time there was a tiger.

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...that's it, quote my huge post that was right above yours.

Also, there's no real need to PM him when you can ask him publicly. And you can easily find him online on Kuribo64, I think.
Posted on 05-28-16, 10:09 am
Will never finish a hack

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Sorry, I'll change it. And I PMd him because it seemed he didn't notice we were talking about his project.
SwitchHax when?

Posted on 06-12-16, 11:37 pm

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OK, doing my part...

Dear Mariomaster, you just have a key for optimize design time and help to extract creativity from level creators. Your easy design functionality is simply unique!

Keep closed to the public this great technical solution, it is simply sad to all world.
Will be this available like an optional module in the next NSMBe version?

If not, making an "as is" branch-version and hand to the community could be an exit.
Even being unstable, i'm shure it will be a success.

Live long and prosper.
[] -P
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