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Posted on 05-03-15, 05:35 pm
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The problem:

And it didn't replace an already existing row, the row somehow managed to duplicate itself! (proved by the fact there are now 327 rows instead of 326)
But the real problem is that it breaks the spritedata.xml file, and you must delete the duplicate sprite 48 manually in the xml file before using NSMBe (this is how I discovered it).

I don't remember how I did it since I though something like that couldn't happen in the first place, so I'm taken by surprise here. The only thing I could think is that I maybe I clicked the Save button twice, and so fast that the DB registered it as 2 separate rows?
Posted on 05-03-15, 07:54 pm
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What the...??

I think it's a race condition when saving. There were two rows in the table with the same revision number.

Posted on 05-03-15, 08:12 pm
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A primary/unique index on id-revision would prevent that entirely
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Posted on 05-06-15, 06:51 am
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The index was already there but it wasn't unique... Fixed!
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