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Posted on 09-21-14, 03:23 pm (rev. 1 by  Piranhaplant on 09-21-14, 04:41 pm)

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This is an upcoming hack from Carp: [ROM link redacted]
Posted on 09-21-14, 03:27 pm

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Hi, Carp The Fish, welcome to the foruns.
Your hack needs to be posted in NSMB Hacks > New Hacks, with at least 1 world complete and screenshoots or videos, good luck with the hack!
Posted on 09-21-14, 03:31 pm

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Posted on 09-21-14, 03:35 pm

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Posting ROMs is illegal in this forum! You can make a patch with NSMBe (the .nmp files) and upload it with the forum uploader.
Posted on 09-21-14, 03:56 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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Posted by mikelan98
Posting ROMs is illegal in this forum!

Posting roms illegal everywhere. And posting rom links is not allowed here (this is just a info, not moderating or anything ).
Posted on 09-21-14, 04:20 pm

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Please remove the link!
Posted on 09-21-14, 04:44 pm
Full mod

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Yep, you will need to post this in New hacks when you meet the requirements outlined here: RULES FOR POSTING A HACK -- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING HERE!

You also need to make a patch, see How to import and export patches!
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