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I'm fairly new to the editor. I seem to keep getting this weird problem. Whenever I put in my custom scenery (hollow) tiles, they look fine in edit mode, but during actual gameplay they randomize themselves to other scenery tiles. It's a complete mess.

It looks something like this, only the scenery looks different upon each level startup:

On an unrelated note, there's also a small problem with the slopes. Mario occasionally falls through the floor when he reaches the flat tile. Any way to fix these problems?

EDIT: First problem solved. Thanks for the help TDS! Still can't fix the slopes though; I'll try messing around more to see if I can fix them myself.
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Doesn't actually do anything.

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I assume you're using the grassland slot for these graphics?

The problem you seem to be having is that certain tiles in that tileset slot are randomized:

Pretty much, when you use any of the above six squares in an object, instead of loading that specific map16 tile, the game loads a random tile out of the six. The original NSMB used this to randomize the dirt tiles, as shown in the picture.

If the affected tiles are in that space, move them somewhere else (and fix the associated objects and tile behaviors) and you should be good.
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