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Posted on 05-20-16, 11:08 am

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Dunno. Maybe a mistake, or maybe he is a troll.
Will pay unspecified $ for NSMB beta.
Posted on 06-12-16, 03:19 pm (rev. 2 by  pinet on 06-12-16, 11:42 pm)

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Sorry bump again Soig...
Did you made some update in your U-version hack "link1"? Your Media Fire's link is working, but receive an error when patch it below:

xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

Could you help us? May be re-upload an "nmp" file?

[] -P
Posted on 07-08-16, 07:13 am

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Yeah, I'm getting the same error as pinet: xdelta says the same thing when I try to patch it, can you tell us please what's the version of the NSMB rom to download for this patch?
Posted on 07-08-16, 09:54 am
Death by cuteness

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I got it to work, how?
I'm just going to quote myself on that issue that already happened beforehand:

Posted by MeroMero
That's because when you created the patch, you used a base ROM who had its overlay 0 decompressed.
Yes older versions of NSMBeditor will automatically decompress the overlay 0 of a NSMB rom upon opening if it isn't already decompressed; later versions instead will decompress the overlay 0 only when you open the jyotyu tileset and click save.

I said I managed to patch it right ?
_Copy / Paste your clean NSMB rom (we will call it NSMB_original)
_Open your copied NSMB rom (codename : NSMB_source) with an older version of NSMBeditor (personally I used revision 356)
_Fine, now close NSMBe and copy / paste NSMB_source (the copy will be codenamed NSMB_destination)
_Now you can use XDeltaUI and patch the ROM by having NSMB_source as the base ROM and NSMB_destination as the destination ROM.
Posted on 02-02-17, 03:19 am

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MeroMero is 100% correct, using that info I was able to successfully patch my rom and also generate a complete xdelta for the fairly common psyfer dump. I've uploaded a "psyfer fix" that might be useful to provide in the OP, if Soig is still around.

Hosted right here

That might save others a little hassle.
And I know this is a bit of an old post but my son broke his 3DS so it's back to the more sturdy NDS until I can get the replacement part and he's gotta have his Mario fix!
Posted on 02-04-17, 04:29 am

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I forgot my password. So I didn't log in during these days. Maybe I haven't given a email address in my profile.. Or not. I forget that. Hope admin would reset my account.
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