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Hello. This is my first hack, I cancelled Shy Guy's Revenge. So this hack has the same story but with new levels. It uses orengefox's Sound and Music hack, and the Minecraft tileset. You can groundpound on the grass blocks, and the cobble can be breaken by bob-ombs.




I might will (or my hack will be trashed) continue and/or edit World 1-A. It has nothing, but the others are edited.

Beta Testers

Let's Play:
Honest Quality Rippers Needed!

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I edited your post to make it less noobish.

By the way, this needs serious work.

I was first thrown off when the file I downloaded was named "New Super Hacker Bros. beta".

Having no trailer is BAD, and the screenshot you couldn't even put in img tags is horrible.

And we need a FULL World 1 patch. No 1-A, no approval.

I'm closing the thread until you have something good to showcase. Message me when you're ready.
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