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Posted on 01-26-13, 01:42 am (rev. 1 by  CreativiPie on 01-26-13, 01:43 am)
me some orange juice my hand

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Like, doing levels and tilesets instead of only tilesets? Because I would like to do a castle tileset and a castle level.
I don't know where to put this, as a post in a already started thread, or as a new thread, so I do a new thread.
Posted on 01-26-13, 01:51 am

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Of course...
Dunno why you ask
Take for example  Freeze, which has made levels and tilesets.
Also, why we would restrict the things one can do? We need all the help we can find...

Posted on 01-26-13, 04:01 am
Super Mario
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Sure, go ahead

But keep in mind your tileset and level need to be awesome to be included, so make them awesome
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