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Posted on 07-08-19, 10:00 am in New Super Mario Bros. DS Deluxe (WIP title) (rev. 12 by Purpy on 07-15-19, 06:25 pm)

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Hi, this is my first hack rom. It is a "Deluxe" version on NSMB DS with complete new graphics but with original levels and some new mechanics. I'm the only one at the moment working at this hack because I'm doing it just for fun, but if someone can help please contact me. Thanks to everyone that will and for now: Enjoy!

Cholodroid for base ROM (yeah, I know)
Skawo and Newer Team for some graphics
Sherry_ for a lot of graphics
Luigi fan 191 for the W3 Boss
MarioFanatic64 for some graphics

World 1: 100%
World 2: 100%
World 3: 100%
World 4: 100%
World 5: 75%
World 6: 0%
World 7: 100%
World 8: 75%

Final Demo Download:
This is the last demo before release. I think i will make a beta. If you wanna be a beta tester, please let me know.
2-2 And 2-A have their original tileset.
I'm still working on it
Posted on 07-09-19, 11:57 am in New Super Mario Bros. DS Deluxe (WIP title)

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Oh thank you
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