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Posted on 01-30-19, 02:45 am in Mario kart Ds Deluxe (rev. 7 by rafa4k on 01-23-20, 02:47 am)

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hi guys i'm here again to introduce
you my new mario kart ds hack

Video Trailer

and in this hack will have
will have:

*Custom Tracks
(Some of Mk8 Some of MK7 and wii and new ones)

*Custom character
like sonic, crash,diddy kong, and more

*custom music

*custom cars


Status (92% done)

Download Link Beta:

Pre Patched : *NUKED* Do not upload or link ROMs
(and I did not forget to super mario the new beginning I'm still going to finish that hack and I'm working on those two at the moment)
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