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Posted on 12-17-17, 04:09 am in releasemini-hack DS Christmas Special (rev. 2 by GangsterJerby on 12-17-17, 12:45 pm)

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Hello, I'm GangsterJerby, I'm a little new around here, but also not too new considering I've been on this site before without an account. I made an account today so I could post my first NSMB hack, keep in mind it has like 1 or 2 corrupted looking textures that I tried fixing, but can't fix... (P.S. the tower boss music won't play for some reason.... and I also couldn't fix that... I really hope these things aren't an issue...)

The Story

Christmas time is here once again! All of the Power Stars shine bright above tree tops, as the Crazee Dayzee's sing their Christmas Carols. The Toads are excited to wake up christmas morning and open their presents from Princess Peach, but Oh no! What's this? It seems some evil king has stolen all of the presents and taken them to his castle! Princess Peach sends Mario out to save all of the presents, can he save the Mushroom Kingdom's Christmas Day!?


- Newly textured winter map!
- 8 all new levels to play through!
- Some new graphics.
- The return of a NSMBWii sprite!




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