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Posted on 12-07-17, 03:10 pm in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

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Hi everybody!

First thank you for the future NewerSMBDS Hack!!! I've been waiting for it since many years :-)

I'm visually impaired (Low sight) and I'm wondering if this future hack could be opened with NSMBeditor ?

To play I need to change every backgrounds to a black background (black png).

I already did that with all NSMB games and hacks :

NSMBDS : Change every backgrounds with black png thanks to NSBMeditor

NSMBWii : Removing all BG* files and recreate an iso file

NSMBDS2 : Manually change every backgrounds in every zone for every area for every stage (except for some auto-travelling stages/zones) Dit that with CoinKiller

NSMBU : same method as NSMBDS2 but thanks to Miyamoto! editor.

Will it be possible to do that for NewerSMBDS or can one developper or creator (skawo?) create me a build with black bgs as soon as the hack is released ?

Thank you for your comprehension guys ;-)
Posted on 12-07-17, 04:07 pm in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

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Thank you for your fast answer skawo ;-)
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