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Posted on 10-18-16, 07:27 pm in w1 mini hack Super Mario Run DS. (Download now available) (rev. 3 by ConorDoesHacks on 10-26-16, 05:49 pm)
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This hack is a bit of a port of Super Mario Run that's coming out this year

This is my first hack


One ASM hack on titlescreen!
New Custom Levels!
and lots more..

Here's some screenshots!

Posted on 10-09-16, 12:33 pm in help? How to change Background HUD on map screen?
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Posted by TruelyJohn64
Posted by gridatttack
Its in the UI studio folder, named:


The .ncl goes by the same name (its below the graphics file)

Also just a suggestion, if this wasn't what you where looking for, I suggest using this super awesome tool that they have here to help find what you need.

I have already changed that but no changes on map screen
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