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Let me present to you:

Super Mario (64) Rainbow Stars is a WIP major hack of Super Mario 64, which will include:
-Over 120 new stars!
-30 new and beautiful worlds!
-A fully new soundtrack!
-Modified Boss Battles!
-Custom Objects!
-Enemies with new textures!
-Many fixes and neat additions to the original SM64 gameplay!
-New moves for Mario! (not entirely sure)
-And a whole game full of Goomba Stomping!

It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Well, until Bowser came of course. Bowser has invaded the Rainbow Kingdom, which is known for it's amazing power source: the Rainbow Stars! Bowser stole them and he kidnapped the Rainbow Kingdom's princess too! Mario goes on a quest to stop Bowser in a new epic adventure!

Preview 1: Whomp Skyland

This preview shows the first level of Super Mario Rainbow Stars: Whomp Skyland! In this level, the Whomps invaded this land to have a new base, even though the Skyland belongs to the Yellow Bob-Ombs. Mario helps the Bob-Ombs to regain their land and finds the first set of Rainbow Stars. As this is the first level, the missions are easy, but for some of them you do need to have basic experience at Jump N' Run games. The platforms in the level are actually supposed to be moving, but the Model Replacer is being an asshole not very nice so I will have to stick with this for a while.

As of now, I almost finished this level and I almost finished 2 cap levels and started working on the remaining cap level. I am working on the next preview, but I also have started several other hacking projects which also take alot of time.

Here you can look at some other screenshots which show you more of the progress which has been made so far.


Want to see more levels? Well, here you can find a list of every preview so far:

Still looking for more? Here you can listen to some of the music I will use in the hack:


MarioCrash64 - created the logo
Skelux, frauber, VL-Tone - created the tools
Kaze - created some custom behaviours
Sorry if I forgot anybody!

If you like what you saw, please support me by showing this to other people and by subscribing to my YouTube channel:

Thank you for taking your time to read all of this!
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